We are a company that has broad knowledge and expertise in the culture, language, business climate and rules of the countries around the Horn of Africa. We help to interpret, translate and provide advice and education on the culture and society of the different countries.
If needs and wishes exist, our interpreters can follow up with the country / countries in question and help with interpretation and contacts eg. with companies, organizations and local authorities.
In Sweden we can provide tips and training eg. in corporate culture for your staff who have foreign contacts. For new arrivals, we offer education in Swedish social orientation, basic computer knowledge and the theoretical part of driver’s education in their mother tongue.
We also have book publishing business, sell books online and we can also help to get books that are wanted from the countries around the Horn of Africa.

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613 37 Oxelösund, Sweden

E-post:                   info@harboyenterprise.com

Kontoret/Office:   015531606 (eller  004615531606)
Mobilen/Mobile:   0739277560 (eller  0046739277560)

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